Patient Testimonials

Our family cannot say enough about Dr. Yamada and his staff. They are WONDERFUL! We highly recommend them. Our son has Autism and has a terrible case of “white coat syndrome”. My husband and I were petrified when we learned our son needed all 4 wisdom teeth removed. Dr Yamada is kind, patient, understanding, explains every detail perfectly so you know what to expect, and has the absolute best bedside manner. Our son recovered very quickly with zero complications – despite not taking care of the pockets in his mouth after the procedure the way he should have. Our daughter also had her wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Yamada and she also recovered quickly with very minimal pain and discomfort. He is the BEST! 

-Martha D.

My wife and I both went to Dr. Yamada for tooth extractions and implants. He provided excellent care. Both of us experienced minimal pain and discomfort through the entire process. Dr. Yamada was patient and thorough, explaining the details of the procedures before, during, and after the surgeries. His staff members were friendly, courteous and very helpful. Overall, the practice provides patient focused care unlike many other practices which run like assembly lines, rushing patients in and out, with the focus on turning over patients as quickly as possible.

-Michael L.

There are absolutely NO better oral surgeons than Dr. Yamada. He is very efficient and forever the professional which is exactly what people want when your talking surgery. He removed my 3 wisdom teeth with local anesthesia. I was terrified of the general anesthesia which is how most people get their wisdom teeth removed I know. Mine were all fully impacted and he was amazing. I was back at work the very next day! I couldn’t believe it. I love the way he runs his office. He hires people who are like him, professional, courteous, and extremely empathetic. Well done Dr. Yamada. No wonder he has been in business for this long and so many people are willing to pay out of pocket and wait for insurance reimbursement. At first, I was like, that’s got to hurt business. If you go once, you will see why people are willing to pay for his services.

-Dawnelle F.

Dr. Rick Yamada has been my dental implant surgeon for over 20 years. All my dental surgery by Dr. Yamada has been the best, I’ve had no complications and only needed to use Tylenol occasionally for discomfort My general dentist, recently told me that he had all his kids go to Yamada for wisdom teeth removal. 
His skills are far above average.
His office staff is great.

-Pat F.

Dr Rick Yamada and his staff have been terrific with their service. If there were more stars available, would rate them even higher. We were quite apprehensive about our daughter’s teeth extraction procedure and after. Dr Yamada did a fantastic job and my daughter felt the least pain and was back to as normal as she could be in very little time post procedure. The staff were equally courteous and helpful along the way. Very highly recommend this team to parents looking to get their kids’ teeth extracted with minimum pain. We are fortunate to have this team in San Diego.

-Archana N.