Oral Hydrogel Use

Oral Hydrogel is made from food ingredients, with no artificial products and no artificial components.  It contains mannose polysaccharides from Aloe Vera, xylitol and small amounts of cinnamon, clove and thyme.  

  • Apply Oral Hydrogel after clotting has occurred in the socket(s).  It should be used 4-6 times per day for at least the first 2 days after extraction(s).  In addition to providing pain relief, this gel is a wound dressing that helps prevent contamination and promotes optimal wound healing.
  •  Use by unscrewing the cap from the syringe, and then replacing with the curved tip provided for ease of application and to prevent waste.  Use enough gel to cover the area (2-3 drops).  If you have difficulty applying the gel using the syringe, you may also apply by transferring the gel from a cotton tipped applicator.  Try to keep the tongue away from the treated area after application.
  • Remove the curved tip and rinse with water to prevent clogging.  Replace the screw cap on the syringe and store at room temperature.
  • Oral Hydrogel may be used as often as necessary.  It is gentle to injured or healing tissues.  It is completely food based, non-toxic and is safe to swallow.  There are no medical, pharmacologic or age restrictions that would preclude its use.
  • A very thin layer of Oral Hydrogel will adhere to the tissue and can provide pain relief.  Some of the gel will wash away and may be swallowed–this will cause no problems.